The Best Cooperator doo

The main task of The Best Cooperator is to assist business partners, correctly mediate and represent the interests of various business partners in the market of Serbia, the European Union and the world.

The main goal of The Best Cooperator is the satisfaction of our clients, achieving the desired success of our clients through achieving excellent business results in these markets.

The Best Cooperator company is a team consisting of well-educated and honest people having knowledge, work experience and contacts in the business areas the company is dealing with. The team has been gathered with the aim to contribute to the success and satisfaction of its clients, through abilities of team members, their unselfish efforts, knowledge and experience.

In addition to the permanently employed associates, The Best Cooperator company occasionally employs experts and external collaborators, whose contribution to The Best Cooperator company makes it fully capable of giving high quality and timely response at times of increased business activity.

The Best Cooperator company is also open for cooperation with other professionals and correct associates, people, agencies and companies of similar interests from the domestic country or foreign countries.


The main activity of The Best Cooperator company is providing assistance to companies from the domestic country or foreign countries.

The assistance to companies covers various forms of business cooperation, mostly mediation in different business activities, sales, purchase, representing business interests of our clients in different markets.

The Best Cooperator company provides support to its business partners through the following activities:

– Assessment of opportunities on other markets
– Finding business contacts, buyers, suppliers on other markets
– Organizing business visits, business meetings, organizing visits to trade fairs
– Representing the interests of our clients, supervising business activities, organizing transport services, export and import,
– business correspondence, counseling, specialist translation services
– Preparation of marketing presentations ( advertising flyers, brochures, web sites…)
– Organizing trade fair appearance , as well as other events of marketing character
– other activities


Kneza Arsena 7 (former str. Svetosavska 231), 11460 Beograd – Barajevo, Serbia

+381 60 485 999 1

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